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Is It Possible to Enlarge the Penis In a Natural Way?

Is it? Yes, it is possible. Many, if not most men dream about the bigger member. Don't worry. You are not alone. We have all heard that size doesn't matter. However, if someone is insecure about their length, it can affect their life negatively. Indeed, if you are worried about your penis size, that can make you vulnerable in the bedroom, and also in other aspects of your life.

Worry not. Here, we will tell you the natural way to enlarge your penis. The first three will not require any tool. The second three will need some device. Here they are:


Jelqing is simple yet effective. How to do:

  1. Make an OK-sign with your thumb and index finger.
  2. With the member is in semi erect state, move the OK sign from the bottom to the top. Do this slowly.

This will not only enhance the blood flow in your manhood but also enlarge your girth and length. And that's it. Simple, right?


This is another great penis exercise for beginners. Have you ever see the photos of Thailand women? They expand their necks from an early age. This same rule refers to member stretching.

How to do:

  1. Grip your penis behind the glans.
  2. Gently pull downward.
  3. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat in different directions (right, left, up and straight up).


This exercise is not meant to enlarge penis directly. However, doing Kegels will give you stronger, harder and longer lasting erections. Indeed, the penis enlargement is an indirect benefit from Kegels. Why? Because Kegels improves the blood flow to the penis.

Penis extending

Penis extending

As with the penis pumping, this exercise will require a tool. In this case, a penis extender. The penis extenders also work on the stretching principle. This time, with the help of a mechanical device to hold the stretch for an extended period.

Some of the most popular penis extenders are:

  • Male Edge extender;
  • JES extender;
  • X4 Labs extender;
  • Penis Pal.

Penis pumping

To do this, you will need a penis pump. Penis pumps have various designs and features. The main rules are idem. You put the pump over your manhood, and it makes a fractional vacuum inside the tube. The reduced pressure causes the penis tissues to stretch. The most efficient pumps are:

  • Phalossan;
  • Penomet;
  • Bathmate;
  • Passion pump.

Penis hangers

This is another penis stretching exercise. To do it you will need to fasten the tool and suspend a load. This will make strain on the member.

One of the most popular tools is the LG Hanger. According to testing, it has proven that it stands outs in comfort. As well as giving a great result.